Batteries are currently cost-effective in a variety of settings and uses, including:

• Energy storage for off-grid installations

• Backup power for essential services such as hospitals and data centres in conjunction with on-site generation.

• Reduction of peak-demand (Use of System) costs.

A large battery system, or a distributed network of small battery systems controlled centrally, can also offer grid-balancing services such as frequency response.

Firm frequency response contracts are between 1 and 24 months long. Contracts start within 6 months of being awarded. When the battery does not have a firm frequency response contract, it may still generate revenue by being traded through the balancing mechanism in real time. Trading on the electricity spot market is also possible.

As electricity costs continue to rise and battery costs fall, other applications for batteries may become cost effective, e.g.
• Storage of excess renewable generation for later use (see our solar PV and batteries calculator),

• Purchase and storage of night-rate electricity for use during the day,

• Reduction or avoidance of expensive grid reinforcement costs, e.g. connection of a 300 kW solar PV system onto a 100 kW grid connection:

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